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A lot of photo storage solutions have been advertised online and on other advertisement platforms and each of them have their specific requirements, limitations, and functions. You can always rely on any photo storage solution but, keep in mind that it is always upon the way how it was manufactured and proper usage. Having more than one of it is the advisable way to store all photos since anytime a photo storage solution may fail to work in crucial times.

Writable Media as Photo Storage Medium

CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, and DVD-RW are considered as the first successfully manufactured writable media after the small and old diskettes. Through these writable media, you can store several photos and may even reach into gigabytes in size. You just have to burn the photo into the writable media using your preferred burning software. You can even multiply the number of copies and distribute them. However, you need a separate CD/DVD component to make this work. It can be an internal or external device.

Flash Drives and SD Disks

The flash drive and SD disks are considered as the widely used storage not just for photos, but for other types of files as well. Since most cameras or should we say all digital cameras have their SD slots, you can easily store the photos after you clicked on the shutter. However, the chances of corruption on this mode of storage are high, which advices you to install photo recovery software for SD disk and flash drives. You can also rely on the locking mechanism which the SD disks has that can prevent to delete important files stored accidentally.

Network Attached Storage

This is advisable for those who need to deal with loads of photos and other data types. A computer is attached to a computer server which may contain terabytes of storage. That server also connected to other computers, just like the user do. Now, as the photos are being uploaded, they are sent into that main computer server then, the other connected users can also access those uploaded files. In short, this is best for collaborative tasks.

Storage of Photos Online

This is a very reliable way of storing loads of photos. Through this, you will rely on cloud-based storage which is available online and provided by a third-party website. You may seek for premium services to acquire more storage size. You just have to upload the photos into a particular trusted domain and let them handle it. But, you will not be able to access the photos when you don’t have the internet connection, that’s why it is still advisable for you to have your local backup.

You can also try downloading the software which can automatically backup your photos uploaded to your computer. For example, you are going to upload set of photos to your computer. Connect it to the internet. Now, as you upload those photos, that downloaded software will automatically send it to their online storage so that if in case corruption of files on your local disk occurs, the online storage is your last and best resort.

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