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Apple and Windows are much more than two reputed software companies. They have spent years in public welfare by providing fastest and easy running operating systems. No one can underestimate such brilliant service Microsoft windows is providing in the entire world. Even after getting much faster and advanced operating system majority of the world population is still wanting to continue with their old, outdated version of windows; in contrast to the above fact Apple has now captured a vast status in society. Soon after launching of Apple Mac book pro, it has become the choice of millions. Which thing is drawing attraction of different generations from windows to apple? There is a simple logic behind this fact. Sophisticated technology, better graphics, integrated software system and trust which apple is gaining with its entire product range is responsible for it. With following points you can draw a better comparison of these world famous brands:

• Windows is giving a bad experience for many of its users. Frequent break down, virus attacks, unsupported formats, problem in running and installing software are some barriers that windows create to its users.

• Studies have found that apple produced Macs are providing more stable hardware software integration counterparts of windows. You might not need much time in the learning operating system of Mac as compared to formats of windows.

• All forms of standard Microsoft Windows version and devices comes with completely configured for instant use, in contrary you can modify apple according to your ability and requirements.

• Complete replacements and hardware repair is also associated with the product you are purchasing with apple as compared to that of windows.

• Not every individual can afford the high price Apple is charging in lieu of the technology still major population is preferring low cost economical hardware and software produced by windows.

• Students, business professionals, doctors, teachers still prefer Windows based Office 2003, 20010 and of course 2007 in business presentations and class demonstrations. On a positive note, sleep function is consistent with apple product where you can connect it to the projector for a better visualization.

• Syncing process is especially designed by iPhones providers; you can sync files and contacts with your Blackberry, iPhones, or other models of Windows phone as well. Users can sync calendar and email too with syncing option. Syncing phone files and contacts with your apple iPhones work even when software is poor or either unavailable

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