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Many people have an iPad that they carry with them everywhere they go. A large number of people purchased these expensive little items in the hopes of doing online work from them in remote locations. There were many applications that made the iPad capable of doing some of the same things your desk top computer could do, but people quickly discovered that the majority of things they wish to do online could not be done from their iPad.

With the Parallels application the iPad can be used to control any application you have on your computer or Mac. You can use your windows programs just as if you were at home sitting at your desk. Suddenly your small slate device will be able to perform the same tasks as your large computer tower and keyboard at home can perform.

Parallels make it possible for you to sync your PC or Mac to your iPad so that the applications you already have on your computer are available in a version that will work on with the iPad technology. This means that you really can take the children to the park and while they play you can review the files you need to and make any changes that are necessary.

Anyone that has tried to work from one of these devices knows that there is not an escape button on them like there is on your keyboard at home. Having Parallels installed on the device means that you have access to the same controls you have on your keyboard back home. You can copy and paste or press escape, or do any of the normal activities that you do from your home computers.

You must be warned that there will be a time delay from the moment that you touch the screen of your iPad and the time it responds to the touch. You will not be able to do things quite as quickly as you do on your PC or Mac at home, but the delay time is short, and you will adjust to this slight annoyance.

You will be gaining the freedom to work anywhere you are without having to carry the heavier laptops with you. It has been reported that having this application makes all of your applications you use on the iPad easier to use and more like their original counterparts.

If there is a drawback to this application, it would be the amount that it costs. The application is free to download, but there is an $80.00 yearly charge to use the technology. This price tag will cause some people to avoid the application, but for those people who want to use their iPad to do all the things they could do if they were on their PC or Mac at home this price tag will be nominal compared to the freedom the application will provide.

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