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Data backup is a process in which the data important to us is stored at any different location than where it is created, so that in case of any system crash or any other unwanted situation, we can restore the data from a specific location and our business continues unaffected. In backup, data is copied or archived to a different location and whenever required later can be fetched without much problems. This process is carried out for two main reasons, one being, to recover the data in case of data loss and other is to restore data from some earlier point of time. To store data we may need hard drives, computer clusters, active servers or various databases can also be used. All these devices have their advantages and some of disadvantages also.

Like, if we need to create a backup of very small amount of data, we must not use any server because it will be very efficient and not worthy to spend that amount of money on this amount of data rather we can use any common hard drive for it. Similarly, in case of data backups in sectors like banking, we need high levels of security and data integrity, so servers may be used. One of the disadvantages of these processes is the increase in cost both hardware and software. The location which can be used to store the data is known as a data repository and there are many data repositories in which following storage media can be used to store the data such as magnetic tape, hard drive, optical storage, floppy disk etc. There are different models to manage these locations or storage devices which are on-line, off line, near line, off site data protection etc. The data recovery is the process in which data from any crashed source or corrupted data is replaced by data stored in any secondary storage.

The most common example of recovery is operating system recovery which is carried usually by us when the system is slowed down to an extent or operating system is corrupted. Recovery can further be of two types- hardware and software. In hardware, we replace the defected parts of the system but in software the corrupted data or software is being taken care off. So, if anyone wants their data to be safe and reliable even after recovery, they must use a reliable storage device which provides features like data security, data integrity and reliability. If you are looking for more information, you can connect to the internet and browse various relevant websites.

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