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During the last one and a half decade, Google has grown from a Search engine company to a corporation that is known for its innovations and new trends in the internet world.  Google Inc. provide a number of services that are not only free, or very cheap, but are a ‘must have’ for small businesses to remain competitive in today’s digitally influenced market.

We will take a look on few of the constantly evolving and efficient applications, commonly known as Google Apps that are essential for small and medium businesses owners to manage and advertise their company. These Apps not only helps in organizing but also helps organizations to remain in touch with the constantly fluctuating market trends.

With the introduction of Android operating system, Google Inc. has been able to capture the mobile market as well.  The services or applications, mentioned below are both for traditional computer and mobile devices.

Google Search:

Google Search is the most authentic as well as a market leader in Search Engines. This is the most famous service receiving over 100 billion search queries per month.  Divided in 189 different regional domains, it provides the quickest information about the desired entities.


A free, marketing supported, cloud based secure email service providing free storage in GB’s which increases with the usage time.

Google Groups:

Having a personalized domain name for your business is always an attractive solution for email communication with prospective clients.  Gmail offers this service of configuring your company’s name to use as its domain for emails by creating distribution lists by creating groups.

Google Calendar:

Google Calendar provides a great solution to schedule, share and easily manage the meetings, reminders and tasks by using the Google Calendar.

Google Contacts:

Help in storing important contacts that can be accessed from anywhere.

Google Drive:

Google Drive provides you with the convenient solution of storing and retrieving your important documents in your office or on the go. Docs, Sheets, Slides are respective online solutions for creating word documents, Excel sheets and presentations.

Google Maps:

Helps not only in providing detailed information of location and insight about a business but also provide useful directions to reach there.

Google Ad Words:

Google Ad Words is the main service by Google for website advertising.  Advertising through Ad Words ensures your presence shown in a localized manner dependent upon the keywords related to the business.  Within Ad Words is the Google Website Optimizer which tests various combinations to analyze the content on the web page.

Google Ad Sense:

Google ad sense is the most popular advertising network specialized in banner placement based on geographical location and other factors.  Ad Sense works in conjugation with Ad Words to target the popular content to be advertised.

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is the most popular and robust web analytics service by Google Inc. It generates detailed statistics information about website traffic, traffic sources along with measuring conversions and sales data for optimized web usage.  This has proved to be the best marketing and analysis tool for marketers.  It can track visitors from all referrers including search engines and social networks.

Google Chrome:

Google Chrome is the most popular and modern web browser having full support of latest technologies.  It also has a built-in editor for developers to check and modify the contents on a web page.


YouTube is considered to be the best product that Google Inc. has acquired in recent times.  Streaming over 4 billion videos, it is regarded as best video search engine.  YouTube is a great advertising and marketing tool for any business which provides business owners a chance of freely introducing their products.

Google News:

Google News is probably the best online search engine and source of aggregated headlines and world’s news sources.  It also provides an easy way of searching through the historical archives.  Google News is complimented with News Timeline, a web application, which assists in chronological organizing of information.

Google Play:

Google Play, Apple store’s counterpart, is an online electronics and digital media store for digital application distribution for Android enabled devices.  Android is an operating system by Google for mobile devices posing real competition to Apple’s iOS which is presently the market leader in mobile electronic devices.

Google Postini:

Google Postini enhances the security and provides archiving services for your email system.

 Google Plus:

Google Plus is a service that aims to share things with your contacts on the web as they are shared in real life.

Google Translate:

Facilitates in translating web pages, text and files in over 50 languages.

Google Alerts:

Google Alerts provides important email updates on the topics of your choice.

Google Sites:

Google Sites gives the chance of having an internet based presence through customized websites.

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