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A comparison between hardware and software is truly unfair as both are made to support operations of each other. Hardware is typically the body of any device you can touch, see and operate and software is a series of programs that make the device work. It is always preferable that the device you are using is compatible with its software. If not it might face error in operation for a long-term. With a growing technical advancements scope of hardware devices is confined to mobile phones, laptops, personal computers, song players and other similar electronic gadgets. Apart from appearance it is the software that makes a device popular and comfortable for usage. Microsoft is one of the most popular software company growing and serving society for years. Apple is another fast growing company moving on way of profits and popularity.

The thing that is making these two software developing companies a star in the world market is software compatibility. Software produced by these companies can support almost all available applications and hardware devices. Apart from manufacturing and creating software these companies are stepping forward on way of hardware manufacturing. Apple originates as a hardware producer, proper use of technology and unbeatable products made the company king among competitors.

Performance of a hardware device completely relies on the software it is working on. It is the software which can make device perfect or complete garbage. Users always prefer a device which provides everything they want easily on just a simple click. If a device takes time more time in responding, it can never be a good sign of performance. Speed, accuracy, diligence is all a user wants from his/her software and hardware carrier, moreover device hardware and software should be capable enough to support every application and other small software. Marketing also plays an important role in spreading the word about the device you have manufactures and its supportive features. In a stiff completion every sound user keeps his eyes open towards innovative software and device models. Make sure that your produced hardware has the capability to be updated with new released software and applications. Every feature of the software should be organized in such a way that the end user can find it in fewer efforts. Further hardware and software should have shared function. In sharing user can receive or send any data in any form. When you make things easy for user, you can gain more profits and customer attention.

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