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About Air Dusters
In this article we are going to discuss about compressed air that can be easily found in aerosol cans. Nowadays photographers are using Giottos Rocket Blaster Air Blower for cleaning their camera’s lenses because this blower produces a strong blast of air that can easily remove the unwanted particles present on the lens. If you can easily manage the expense then there are other electric blowers available in the market that you can use for cleaning your stuff.

Cleaning a Laptop Keyboard
If you are willing to clean your laptop keyboard then you should follow some of the instructions that can be found helpful in this process. Firstly powered off or unplugged your laptop or PC. Also remove others devices like mouse, USB drives, CDs and any kind of other materials attached with your laptop. The whole process starts with the fact that how you are feeling to do this cleaning process. Firstly make your mind clear and make a list of things you have to do in this process. Some of the keyboards can be easily drawn off from laptops and their keys can also be pulled off from them but if you are not assured that you can put these keys back on the board then don’t pull them off. At this stage you can still easily clean the keyboard. If you are still not sure then read the guide manual first to have a complete look of all the parts of your laptop.

Cleaning your laptop with the keys intact
If you have made your mind not to pull off the keys from the board then you can still clean the keyboard easily. You have to use a can filled with compressed air and a toxic chemical mixed with the air. Now handle the can in your hand at some angle with two or three inches quite away from the keyboard. Now direct the air mixed with the chemical in between the keys. If you cannot hold the can at some angle then you don’t have to be worried about that, just hold your laptop at some angle but make sure that you hold it carefully so that it may not fall.

If it is easy for you to hold your laptop at an angle then it will also be easy for you to hold it upside down on a trash can so that you can tap it flippantly from the back so that any remaining particle can be dislodged.

Cleaning your laptop with the keys removed
If you are much confident that you can easily put all the key back on the board once they are pulled off then it is advised that keep all the keys together at the same place and make sure that they don’t get lost. Another advice is that you should not take off the larger keys like space bar because these kinds of keys are somewhat difficult to be placed back on the board.

Once you have popped off all the keys from the board, place them into a small bowl like some kind of cereal bowl so that you can wash them with dish wash soap or with any other kind of cleaning agent. Add few drops of soap into the bowl and clean all the keys one by one.

Keeping your laptop’s keyboard clean
If you wished that your laptop will remain spotless forever then it’s not going to happen anyways. But you can adopt some of the methods to keep it away from harm. Firstly it is advised that do not eat or drink in the presence of your laptop or near it. Secondly use it in a clean and non-dusty area.

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