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If you are missing the brand new and shiny look of your laptop and its LCD and willing to clean it to have a clean image on your laptop LCD then you should note all the following tips that are guided below. Using these tips you can clean your LCD using household goods.

It is not recommended to use any kind of products containing ammonia, alcohol or any other strong solvent to clean your LCD screen.

If the appropriate material and ingredients are available in your home then you can easily clean the LCD screen using these household goods but if you are not sure about the ingredients whether it is pure and safe or not then don not try to experiment with these things. It could damage yourLCD. You just have to go to the market and purchase available chemicals that are used for cleaning LCD screens.

Steps for cleaning LCD and plasma screens

First, you have to make a clear and gentle solution of distilled water. If you are required to clean hard shining products then you can make a mixture of white vinegar with distilled water with the ratio of 50 by 50.

Now keep this mixture in an atomizer bottle so that you can easily spray the mixture on the surface which you want to clean. But keep in mind: do not directly spray this mixture on the screen.

Now use a disposable cloth such as a cotton cloth or a disposable wipe that is available in medical or drugstores. Spray the mixture on this cloth but don’t make the cloth wet because when you apply this cloth on the screen the liquid wipes out of the cloth and can go into the small pores at the corners of the screen and can easily damage your screen permanently. So just apply a moisten cloth on the screen and carefully rub it on the screen but don’t push it with your fingers because it will leave a mark on your screen forever.

There are some simple techniques that should be adopted to wipe the cloth on the screen. Give a circular motion to the cloth on the screen but don’t make rapid movements because it can leave scratches on the screen. It is advised again that don’t apply too much pressure while clean the screen. Just an even pressure so that it can eliminate streaks easily. Take good care while doing the whole process and don’t try to experiment with new ingredients.

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