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Have you ever received a call from “technician from Microsoft” with heavily Indian accent?
This person was saying that your computer had errors or viruses and you should turn on the computer?
Actually, the purpose of this call is just to get your $299 (or whatever amount they choose).
They will ask you to open different applications which aren’t typically known by regular users.
They will ask you to open “Event viewer“. They will make you scary of errors that shown in “event viewer” window. However, it is nothing to do with their “repair”.
Event Viewer is a tool that displays detailed information about significant events (for example, programs that don’t start as expected or updates that are downloaded automatically) on your computer.

Then they will ask you to open “System Configuration Utility” aka “msconfig“.
Next, they will ask you to let them take over your computer that they could “fix it”.
When they are in your computer, they will have you go to their Paypal account and pay them whatever amount they want.
If you pay, they will start messing with your computer, and after spending about 2 hours in your computer they will just disconnect saying either “it is fixed“, or “we will call you later, it is the end of the business day, we are closing“.

PLEASE, do not believe them and hang up.
You can go  file a complaint at ftc.gov/complaint

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