Data Backup and Recovery

Your data is the most important thing on your computer. Be it family photos, important tax documents, pieces of art, your band’s music, sensitive research papers, or anything else, losing it is simply not an option. Unfortunately, computers fail, and often. Having a data backup plan set before anything goes wrong is one of the most important tasks you will undertake as a responsible computer user.

Data recovery is the process of restoring data lost from your laptop, desktop PC, external hard drive or USB flash drive due to accidental deletion, hard drive or system failure, software bugs, hacking, fire or some other disaster. At Caspicom Computer Services we use the latest equipment and data recovery software to help you get back your important documents, pictures, music and program data.

If you are facing data loss we suggest to contact us right away to limit further damage to your critical data. Your files will be recovered to an external hard drive or different storage device.

The recovery job will be priced based on its complexity, providing you with the best, cost-effective service.

Harddrive models we recover data from:

  • Western Digital
  • Seagate
  • Toshiba
  • Samsung
  • Hitachi
  • Fujitsu
  • Quantum
  • OCZ
  • IBM
  • Intel
  • Maxtor
  • MDT

We can help you back up your important personal data (photos, videos, documents, school work, etc.) to disk and cloud with no hassles. Is your data being backed up? Is your data being backed up automatically? Is your data being backed up off site? Does your data backup offer file versioning, allowing you to restore from any given date or time? Have you ever tested your backup recovery process? What about your kids computers, mobile device information, and family archives?

CASPICOM has seen too many precious family photos and videos disappear due to theft or drive failure – we protect our customers with business-class data backup and recovery solutions. We can help you back up your data to a hard drive or the cloud.

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