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If you are typing on your laptop with a rapid speed with having a glass of water or wine placed aside to your laptop and unfortunately the water spilled on your laptop then you don’t have to be worried about it. You just have to follow these simple and effective instructions to save your laptop from liquid damages.

Steps that should be followed:

1. Firstly you have to remove the A/C adapter and your laptop battery because as soon as the liquid comes in contact with the electricity a short circuit may damage the whole circuit and motherboard of your laptop. So it is advised that instantly remove the battery as soon as possible.
2. Now remove all the external devices attached with your laptop.
3. To stop the liquid from roving deeper inside the laptop, you have to move your laptop upside down immediately.
4. Clean any other parts that you can with a simple water absorbing cloth.
5. Now pull of your keyboard from your laptop. Some of the keyboards are meant to protect the laptops from liquid so it is advised to carefully remove the keyboard and clean it gently.
6. Now clean your laptop with a dry cloth. Remove anything sticky that is attached to your LCD or keys of the keyboard.
7. The important thing you should know that you have to insulate your hands from static electricity because it can give severe damages to your laptop.
8. Now apart your laptop as soon as possible. If you are not confident of doing this then take it to some repairer who can easily pull apart every component. Pull your hard drive and other chips as soon as possible.
9. Use an air blower or a vacuum pump to blow off all the unwanted particles.
10. Depending on the liquid spilled on your laptop, use an absorbing agent that can dissolve the liquid so that it can stop and then remove it from getting more inside your laptop. Now simply apply the absorbing agent at every component to make it dry.
11. Now let the components dry. Place your laptop at some place where air can circulate in the parts. Get it 12 to 24 hours for the whole process to be completed. Place the wet battery in uncooked rice so that it can absorb the moisture of the battery. Another more advised process is to keep the board in the sunlight for 3-4 days so that it can completely dry the components. Never use a hair dryer for this purpose because it will cause severe damage to you laptop other than making it dry.
12. Before putting every component together, make it sure that all the components are completely dry and none of them is moistened because it will damage other parts of the laptop.
13. Now put everything back to its place. In short, join all the components again and hope for the best circumstances.
14. Now turn on your laptop. If this does not take your laptop to the customer service center. Keep in mind that something is better than nothing so avoid doing any more experiments with your laptop.

Hope these steps helped you a lot. You can also use these steps to protect your laptop from any harm.

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