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Apple shaped the future of computing, once more, in 2010 when it released the iPad. A few years down the line, Android powered tablets flooded the market, shadowing Apple’s short lived triumph, again! But Apple’s tablets were not the only undermined gadgets in the computer market. The laptops and personal computers got the bitter end of the sales deal since the tablet tsunami swept the masses.

The debate is still on, as to whether the laptop and desktop computers are on the way out of circulation. In 2013 alone, tablet computer sales are expected to surpass desktop sales by millions. Laptops are also expected to get the same fate by 2014. The IDC(International Data Corporation) however, is not siding with these statistics, citing their own numbers, which still speak to the against them.

The PC is not out of the picture yet, as many doomsayers might want. Though the tablet market might have gone up by over 74% in the past year, the PC market has only seen a drop of 3% in sale, wheres the laptops maintain a steady 0.9% growth rate. This might sound bad, but the decreased demand for desktops is not an indication of their obsoleteness. There are still PC shipments, the data just shows that people are buying the more mobile tablet for on-the go use.

With that said, it is safe to bet that the PC market will maintain a flat growth rate, until about 2017, when the PC’s connected to the smart environment will most likely account to about 17% of smart devices. This would be significantly lower if futurists’ predictions are anything to go by. Many in the computer industry predict that the next leap will be Cloud storage, cloud processing and cloud power sources, which would therefore make even the most advanced tablets today obsolete.

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