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Elders are the most important part of the family and there experience of life is quite different for us. But if we are following them in our bad situation or allowing them to take some decisions on our behalf then it will always prove helpful to us. We are the helping hands for our grandparents so it is our duty for making them know about new technologies and new trends of life and so Leading Your Grandparents Into the Information Age is the sole duty of every grandchildren’s. There are many new technologies that r been evolving today and our grandparents are not known to them but they would be very happy if we let them familiar with all such modern technologies. They are ignorant about all these new mobile phones and laptops but if we get them for them and teach them all these they would surely take interest in it and also will get to these new technologies very easily. Once our grandparents are used to new technologies they would find it very easy and interesting but initially they find it useless and also don’t show any interest in using it. But once we show the good use of it and make them also to use it they will find it interesting and will start showing interest in it. So, it is dependent on us how we make them understand about the things and technologies.

Leading Your Grandparents into the Information Age will help them to adapt all kind of changes in life. If you are informing them about smart phones then start with the normal functionality which were available in old machine too. While making them habituate to such technology you should keep lots of patience, if they are unable to understand in once then explain them again and again with new example so that they can catch it easily. If you are making them know about laptops and internet then use all the older message systems and show the similarity and difference between now and the older ones so that they can find it very easy to grab it. Once they are use to some basic functionality help them to know about new features. Allow them to learn by themselves and always be ready to help them if they find some problems. Once they got to know the benefits of the new technology rather than the old one they will find it interesting and get use to it very easily.

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