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Google’s Android, and Apple’s iOS are currently the dominant force to reckon when it comes to the smart phone and tablet operating systems. They both sum up to take a market share of about 95% of the mobile devices in circulation today. This brute force dominance has left some users in need of alternatives that break away from this outright monopoly. There are plenty of big names showing their peeking into this sector, and demanding more headroom from Google and Apple’s home turf. Here’s a sample of those daring enough to fold their sleeves and jump in, just so you and I can be spoilt for choice.


This is a major brand in computing, more popular for products such as  Firefox, Thunderbird and Seamonkey. Their mobile device operating system, Forefox OS, has largely borrowed it’s concept from Chrome OS. This makes it run on a HTML 5 platform, making the application icons lead to an online location. This technology is not dependent on the phone’s hardware, making it ideal for low end phone models.


 This is Canonical’s popular PC OS, which is keen on going mobile. The Ubuntu OS is set to be as unique as their desktop version, so do not expect the same old screen locks found on Android OS. The home screen will have notifications about missed calls twits, and what have you.


This is Samsung’s attempt to break from Google’s Android leash, and be an all round electronic Juggernaut. This break will see Samsung setting it’s net in China’s market, which is highly restrictive of Google products.

 Jolla Sailfish

 This is a concept made by former Nokia employees. The concept is based on the Linux OS, and is the early stages of development. It is an open source platform, which is seemingly the way technology is headed.

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