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Viruses are usually confused with spywareTrojan horses but they are technically very different. A virus is a program which is designed to hamper overall performance or your computer system and it has the ability to reproduce which the Trojan horses and spyware do not possess. This program known as the virus can replicate itself and can transfer from computer to computer affecting the performance of the system. Some viruses are present in such forms that they are noticeable but there are some types of these malicious soft ware’s which cannot be noticed at all until they start affecting data and performance. They can even corrupt and destroy the data which is useful to us, so they needed to be taken care off at the time they are produced only.

Viruses do not collect information about users but corrupt the data related to it. Whereas, the software known as spyware can collect different types of information about the user just by observing the usage patterns if that user like internet surfing, personal information, user logins, banking or credit card information. These malicious softwares are being created daily which pushes the requirement of anti malicious techniques which could be helped to remove these things from our system which are known as antivirus, and to update their virus base is mandatory as many new viruses are being created daily. And the antivirus must be able to remove all kinds of it.

Major antivirus providing firms are Symantec, McAfee and Sophos etc. To prevent this malicious software’s to be in our system, we must use these antivirus techniques. Virus and worm’s usually self replicate but spy wares do not. Viruses are classified under two categories, resident and nonresident. These files that contain virus have the ability of self modification and corrupt the data related to it. Various recovery processes are also available in case we could not prevent the effect of the virus, which are virus removal and operating system re-installation. In virus removal, generally the files which are affected by the virus are also removed and during OS installation, all the files are removed and installed again. The first use of spyware which was recorded was in October 1995, and since then they are being used all the time. The first spyware made fun of Microsoft’s business model. These spyware and viruses can also modify the key values in the registry of any windows in any system.

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