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Wearable gadgets were once upon a time devices that you only saw in James Bond movies. James Bond always had “cool” wearable gadgets like watches that were more than watches, and cuff links that actually doubled as weapons. Today these devices are available to the rest of the world, so we can all feel like, Bond, James Bond.

One of the trendiest things in wearable gadgets today is the soon to be Google Glasses. These glasses will have a computer monitor located in them so that you can look at a restaurant you are passing and see the menu they serve immediately. You will be able to do hands free web surfing. These glasses are still in the final stages of development, but the world is already waiting with great anticipation for their arrival.

Skiers already have a pair of glasses they can buy that displays things they need to know while they are on the slopes. The MOD Display from Reacon Instruments provides skiers with information such as temperature and interesting things they may want to check out on the slopes. The skier will have the ability to check out weather conditions on the top of the mountain before they hit the slopes. They also allow friends to keep track of where each other are while they are skiing and allow the people with smartphones to be able to see who is calling them while they are racing downhill.

Wearing a device that displays all of this information right before our eyes will be distracting for some people so why not go with the smart watch and wear your computer display monitor on your wrist. The WIMM One Smart watch is available right away. You can pair a smart watch with an Android smartphone and be able to see who is calling you by simply turning your wrist ever so slightly. When you are in a business meeting no one will know you are checking your phone. You can even call the person back by simply tapping on the device. Bond would have loved one of these devices.

Another trending apparatus in the wearable gadgets section is the fitness devices that help you calculate how much exercise you have gotten, or other things about your body. One of these items is the Body media Band Core that is worn on your arm. This band tells you how many steps you have taken that day, and how many hours of sleep you have gotten in the last twenty four hour period. It tells the wearer the temperature of their skin and how many calories they have burned. Now when you eat that burger and fries you can take a walk in the park and see exactly when you have walked far enough to get rid of the extra calories.

The world of gadgets may be starting to look like things from the spy movies or the Jetson’s cartoon, but they are certainly making our lives more interesting.

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